Russia - Your greatest adventure

Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan are the biggest and most popular Russian cities that keep the heritage of the most famous and talented sculptors, painters, and architects of Russia and worldwide. Not only impressive palaces, monuments, paintings, and sculptures will amaze Russia's visitors.

Russia is not only about a historical journey, museums, and fine arts. It has a vast number of opportunities for various types of leisure and offers perfect options for visiting with children. A family vacation in Russia can be a combination of eco and active tourism or classical sightseeing that will be enjoyable for all ages. There are a lot of unusual family activities like dog and horse sledding, and unordinary museums.

If you love nature and can't imagine your vacation without outdoor activities, you will definitely love Russia. Whatever active holiday you might think of, you will most likely find a Russian region where your wish will be granted. Located in four climate zones and being a home for hundreds of animals, birds, and plant species, it is the perfect destination for an eco-holiday or active sports: ski-resorts, mountain climbing sports, horse riding, rafting, and hiking are waiting for you all year round.

Traditionally, the national cuisine consists of soup, porridge, pancakes, pies, pickles. It was not born under the arches of palaces but in the houses of ordinary, poor people who needed to feed a large family. That is why traditional Russian dishes are usually made with the most affordable ingredients. Despite this, Russian cuisine cannot be called poor and monotonous: its flavor combinations can surprise even the most demanding gourmet.

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